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J.P. Vermander has a problem.

In his eyes, he's been swindled.

With the offending party being none other than the local hospital.

And by using the power of a ritualistic curse, he will have his revenge.

*Note, time does not progress during character dialog, so there's no need to rush!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(96 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Version 2

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great game, i struggled alot but still had fun lol

Tonight is just a night of play games!!! :D

Sadly this is no commentary. I really enjoyed the game though :)
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Mais um jogo do Zed Technician completo! Gostei bastante desse. Vou jogar os restantes e ficar de olho nos próximos jogos.

Another Zed Techician game completed! Really enjoyed this one. Will play the remaining ones and keep an eye on future releases.


just found this and i for sure know that its man from the window


how do you get the game


click on download, you can pick a price or click take me to the download to get the game without paying


i really liked this game. i started watching youtubers play the man from the window and when i remebered that i also have a pc, i downloaded one of your games and then i started dowloading almost every game you have. really good game bravo.


Thank you very much for playing!
Also, apologies for the extremely late response.

This was a really fun game I'm enjoying playing through all of Zed_Technician's games.

As far as I know I should have gotten all ending in this, if I missed any please feel free to let me know.

Thanks for playing!


Your welcome!


No lie..... Vermader was a dick.... which sucks becuase we share a first name XD. I gotta hand it to you, everytime I open up Itch to see you newest game, It's a banger. Keep it up man

Thank you very, very much!  :)

I love this game, please keep making more <3

(sorry english is not my native language)


Thank you very much for your playthrough!  :)

I've been a big fan of your games since I first saw The Man From the Window, and I love your characters so much, they're full of personality and I especially love the body shapes <3 I don't know quite how to get in contact with you, I wanted to ask if I was able to use your models as a base for a project? With your permission, I'd be altering them a bit, and I won't be selling them off, I would be making a specific model for a friend of mine? If this is something you wouldn't be comfortable with, or compensated for, I completely understand and I'd be glad to talk about it more in the latter case. In any point, thank you for reading this comment, and I hope to see more from you (Antiquities was super interesting <3 )

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First of all, thank you very much!
It's always nice to hear it when someone enjoys my work.

In regards to your question, I'll say this:
I don't believe in publicly releasing game assets, as it's just not something I do.
However, if you were to rip said assets yourself, or go and find them, then that's entirely up to you.
I make the games, and anything after that I have nothing to do with,

There quite fun

I absolutely love all of your games... I haven't been able to play them myself, because I use a Mac since I develop software and need a Unix environment (and I just don't like Windows, especially since 8) but I've watched ManlyBadassHero play through them all on YouTube and they are easily amongst my favourite horror games... the unique but consistent art style and your ideas are great!


Thank you very much, vorpal22!
Apologies for the fact the games aren't accessible to you, as my limited knowledge prevents me from developing  for any platform besides Windows.

Still, I'm very glad you've been able to enjoy watching them!
Also, apologies for the extremely delayed response.

I tried SO MANY TIMES to get a good ending. I kept messing up. Finally got it though.

Thanks for playing.  :)

Just watching this on youtube made me sit on the edge on my seat... This was one of the best if not the best horror games i've ever tried out And playing it myself Was an awesome experience I Can't wait to post this on YT and trying out other stuff Carry On Zed Please keep making more stuff like this


Thank you very much!
That's extremely nice of you to say.  :)

This game seems super fun, but I don't have the courage to play it cause I always have anxiety that the hour is gonna be up, but that's what makes the game fun! today I'm gonna try finally playing it, and another thing is that ever since I played these games I felt less scared of horror games, so you have my thanks lol
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That's good to hear!
Thank you very much for playing.

at first I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do lol This game is super fun and gives me a sort of FNAF vibe. I would definitely have to play it again to save everyone. Also the first phone didn’t really seem to ring and I didn’t notice it. Other than that the game was amazing.

It's great to hear you liked this one!
Thanks for playing.

Also, my apologies about the audio issue with the phone.

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for playing!

i have a problem from of the vermander cruse

Shut up


Hello, I played your game due to a recommandation from a friend.

I saw that I already had played prior to this your other game. The man from the window and I can say that I enjoyed this game as well. Like last time I made another video about it. This clearly was slower paced but I still had fun.

Thanks for playing!
Glad to hear you still had fun, despite the slower pace.

No problem.

I cannot wait for the next game! reading some of the comments below I read you plan on it coming out by the end of this month, so here's hoping it will! ever since I saw The Man from the window and this game, I was hooked and am enjoying this game a lot

Thank you!
It's great to hear that you've enjoyed some of my projects.


the man from the WINDOW beware the shadowcatcher the zero to never know the vermander curse whats next these games are so god damn good

Thank you so much!
The kind words are very much appreciated.  :)


Bro you're legit soo underrated you make the best indie horror games that are creative. Big up to ya

Thank you, you're far too kind!  :)
I'll do my best to continue to improve and keep creating these projects.


When do you think ur next game will game come out?


I'm currently aiming for the end of this month!
So far everything's on track still, but we'll see.   :)




Wow! I really enjoyed this! Great characters, a unique style, and an awesome and unique gameplay loop (the gameplay is similar to The Man From The Window, but the enemy phase is really quick so it doesn't feel tedious). It's horror-themed, but it's super mild. Pretty much the only thing remotely scary in this game is the poor lighting (and one of your patients is a wolf which might look scary at first but he's totally chill). The game is also not very difficult- it's timed, but as long as you keep the doors open to everything except the lobby and the 3 rooms that are occupied by patients, you can finish each night in half the allotted time. Also, I absolutely loved that happy ending. What a great way to wrap up the story. Well done! Can't wait to see what's next :)


It's great to hear you've enjoyed this one.  :)

Thanks for playing!

This was my first time playing one of your games and honestly it was really interesting! This little world you're creating is really fun and I will definitely be playing your other titles. I was skeptical at first but really shattered that. Thanks for making games man. As for anyone else check out my playthrough here - 


Thank you very much!

Glad to hear you've enjoyed, and thanks for playing.  :)


Deleted 247 days ago
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Glad to hear it!

I'll do my best to keep it up.
Also, thanks for playing.


Just like with the last game "Beware the Shadowcatcher" I shall spend multiple hours experimenting and testing as much as I can

Btw I love the style of the characters, at first I was like "wow that's new" but now I've learned to absolutely love the design 

And I can't wait for more games

Btw Zed with every game you make I can assure you I shall spend many hours experimenting and testing whatever I can 

I kinda feel like a video game tester that doesn't get paid but if I'm being honest your games are like the only games I get really excited for, and I wouldn't want to get paid by you instead I'd pay you lmao 

Anyway im not sure if you have one or not but I have not donated to your patron or anything which if I'm being honest feels like a sin so hopefully in the near future I can support you and your future projects

You are easily 1 of my top 10 favorite game developers I can't wait for more games 

Alright I've been saying too much I have to get experimenting and ive been experimenting on "The bit more know zero" and I have found many interesting things I'll comment about on that game page so I'll update you guys on what I find if anything 


Your enthusiasm is unmatched! Just remember not to push yourself too hard, all right?
Whether in regards to this game, or anything else!

Either way, thanks for the compliment on being in your top 10.
Also, I don't have a Patreon.
And while donations are always appreciated, they are not necessary.
If someone can afford to donate, it's extremely appreciated.
If not, that's fine too. These games are free for a reason!

I gotta be honest, I loved this game. Short, sweet, to the point and has some solid tension at the beginning, because you don't know how much time you have to do everything. Once you get to the third set of things you have to do, it does feel like you have lots of time so the tension feels a little less. Idk why the killer shows up randomly either, he just kinda chills and watches me. No clue if he can kill me while I'm busy doing other things or not. I never did die to him stalking me down the halls and it did catch me off guard. The character models are pretty funny to me, and I'm not putting that as a negative, but I did laugh as I kept seeing new models show up. Overall, I really enjoy this game. I would've played it more for the good ending, but I just didn't have enough time to play it again. Good game, simple concept and story, lots of fun and it has some potential to be replayed, because you're probably gonna make some mistakes and screw up your first run. Almost guaranteed


It's great to hear that you liked the game!

Thank you so much, and thanks as well for playing.


Hi Zed! How is your current project going! No rush, I hope its going well!

Thanks for asking!

I had to take a bit of an unannounced break, but I'm back now!
And I'm definitely ready to get started again.
My current project is approximately halfway completed, and I aim to have it finished before the month's end.


Cool game here's a speedrun

Thanks for playing!


game idea for zed tenichain watch out for the phycopath


i just wish there was an linux icon


Amo el trabajo de esta persona y el  juego al igual que los demás que ha creado me hizo sentir miedo, en especial este por el hecho de que a partir de la última instrucción se puede ver al demonio merodeando el hospital, el simplemente verlo me hizo sentir un inmenso terror al no saber dónde aparecerá luego.

¡Muchas gracias!



I did not think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did but this really was a blast to play!! Thank you!!

 I got the Morton ending and the Good 3-star ending because I couldn't;t accept the fact that Morton's daughter would grow up without her rat dad!

Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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Thanks for playing!

Glad to hear you had some fun with the game.

Oii jogo incrivel !! estarei levando ao meu canal um conteudo diferente com este jogo!

Thank you for always developing very entertaining games. Keep it up.

Thank you very much!

That's very nice of you to say, and I'll try to do my best here.


Really great work again!

I'm a very big fan of your work...keep going and thank you so much!!!

No, I should be the one thanking you!  :)

It's great to hear you liked this one.

hi um i was wondering how to play the game also is it free?

Hey Zed are you willing to take requests for OC characters?

That Really Good Idea

The idea has been brought up before!

For right now, the answer is no.
In the future, however, that may change.
I'll be sure to let you know if I ever decide to.

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