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This is one of the most inventive and charming quick indie horror games I've played in a long while. Never thought I'd ever see a cooking sim horror game ever be made, and for it to have as much packed into it as it does. Also, the fact you released this just three weeks after your previous game is absolutely mind-boggling to me. Great work!


This is an extremely kind comment, thank you so much!

I really appreciate such kind and supportive words, and I'm glad you've enjoyed the game.

Thanks again.  :)


Interesting Characters. . . Very fun game


me seeing Maude and Sam

It's great to hear that you thought the game was fun, thanks for playing!  :)

I appreciate it.


Amazing ending! I knew you weren't finished after The Man From the Window. Keep up the great work!

Thank you, glad you liked it.  :)

And I'll do my best not to disappoint!

Do you have some type of discord zed?


No, I don't.  :)

Most important posts are made on my Twitter, and I don't believe in spoilers, so there aren't many posts there.
So there's no need for a Discord, really.


Brilliant game! So good, I enjoyed every bit of it. And oh... the ending, I LOVED IT!!! Keep making this amazing games zed.

That is just awesome to hear, you know. Thank you.  :)

I'm so glad you liked the game, thanks for playing!


really love this! The feel of the overall game is really nice, I love how dark and cloudy almost in a sense it feels. Same with how you portray colors/shading, it has a certain rusty-grain feel to it and I adore it. 

Do you happen to have twitter, or any other medias? I’d love to follow your progress or just in general support you!

Thank you for the very generous compliments on the game, I appreciate it very much.  :)

And yes, I do have a Twitter! The link to my Twitter is at the top of my profile here.

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Excellent game! Its main flaw is that it is not longer. The gameplay and plot are pretty good to be fleshed out into a full-on campaign! Love it!

I appreciate the kind words, thank you very much!

Thanks for playing, as well.  :)


Great game! Congrats!

Thanks!  :)

I also should be thanking you for playing it, so thanks for that!

(+1) guy i just finished playing your other game, and here you are releasing another banger! 2 gems in a single day. love the aesthetics of this one too and I see you kept the "style" of the characters as well. :3

Jokes aside the characters  personalities is kind of  endearing in a weird way so good job on nailing that. I like how spoopy  the new environment feels, especially with catcher boi skulking around in the rain. Nice touch on the randomness as well, definitely kept me on edge throughout the playthrough. 

All in all pretty fun and amazing game~! 
looking forward for more to come :3

Thanks for playing both games, I appreciate it!

It's awesome to hear you liked this one as well.

You're too kind.  :)


I had to make an account just to say the game was a blast! Loved all the designs. I especially loved the cooking & horror gameplay!

Do you have any plans to release this game on Steam? Many people including myself, would love to purchase it on there! Many Thanks!

Thanks for taking the time to register and leave a comment, I appreciate it.  :)

And it's great to hear you liked the gameplay.

Lastly, as far as platforms go, I plan to stay Itch io exclusive for awhile.

This is my favorite gaming marketplace, after all!

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I love this! I love Sam 'n Maude's design, they're both really cute and thick as fuck and I love how they care for each other

It's actually kind of thrilling to keep track of where the Shadowcatcher is going to appear, very fun <3

It's so awesome to hear that.  :)

Glad you liked the designs and the gameplay!

Thanks for playing.


Just got this as well as The Man From The Window! Shot 10 bucks your way for each. Awesome stuff! Love the gritty environments and character designs, but also the fairly short and sweet gameplay!!!

I greatly appreciate the generosity.  :)

Thank you so much, and I also must thank you for the kind words as well!

It's amazing to read such an overwhelmingly positive comment.

I'll do my best to not disappoint!


Love it, very unique art style and gameplay. You don't get to play a cooking-horror-stealth game every day :D

The game also has a lovely message with the immigration theme you're going for (unless I'm imagining things).

Keep it up!


Very glad to hear you liked both the game and it's gameplay.  :)


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I don't see character designs like these often in games.

$10 for you good sir!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you appreciate the design choices.  :)

And of course, I'm very grateful for such a generous donation.

Thanks again!

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Your style is so adorable, the way your protagonists look is so unique and it makes them very warm and mother-like while still fitting in the ambiance of a horror game

Thanks for your generous compliments of the game, they're very appreciated.  :)

How do you place plates after you pick them up?


If you've picked something up, just right click to drop it.  :)

I'm now realizing I didn't add that bit into the Controls section, whoops.

I'll have to fix that.

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Also with the mac and cheese it didnt say you had to put the buns on the plate to get the mac and cheese on it

Well the game was updated so its fixed now ig


Awesome combination of cooking sim and horror. Great job! 

Thank you very much!  :)

And thank you for playing, as well.


Wow, what an enjoyable little game, never smiled at the ending like that before. Hope to see more of these games.

It's good to hear that the ending was to your liking!

There's more in store for the future, and I'll do my best not to disappoint.  :)


that was dope  . nice game

Excellent! Glad to hear you've also enjoyed the game.

Thanks for playing.  :)

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Man the full ending was so surprisingly wholesome, I love it.

Maude's coffee is so creamy looking, but we dont see any creamer in the fridge...Hmmm Guess thats one way to save money on resources. 

This game is so much fun, and you knocked it out the park with the many big  diverse body types. Worth every penny.


Thank you very much for your kind comment, and I'm glad you've enjoyed the game!

I'll be sure to do my very best on future titles, as to not disappoint wonderful supportive players such as yourself.  :)


Lost 40 bucks in a statement and had no listing then I remembered, I donated this to Maude's diner adventure. 

Cant believe im looking forward to your games  more than most triple A games coming soon.  


You are far too kind, thank you again.  :)


what engine do you make your games in? :0


Unity.  :)


thank you <3


I like this persons games


Thank you very much!

The kindness is appreciated.  :)

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It is me or you have some odd liking with fat people or even a fetish? Because this is the fifth time in which you post ridiculously obese characters into your games.



It's an artistic choice.  :)


Ah ok sorry if what I said sounds rude.


It was a very good and fun game I enjoyed it very much.

(btw if you stand right at the door and where the shadow comes out in the kitchen they won't see you and you can cheese it)


Glad you enjoyed the game, thanks for playing!  :)

Also, I could have sworn I checked for that specific part during development, but I must have broken something at some point.

Thanks for telling me, I'll hopefully be able to patch that out soon.

After the update i decided to test if the blindspot still worked.

I tested it and it didn't work so great job on fixing it props to you.

Awesome! Thanks for telling me about the issues, by the way. I appreciate the help.  :)

I tend to be my own worst enemy when it comes to bugfixing, so thankfully it all worked out this time.


Please, we need a longer version of this! It's amazing how you're still able to make your characters lovable and relatable when your games are generally short. Props to you!


This is an extremely kind and  generous comment, and I really appreciate it! 

Thank you very much. There's a lot more things planned for the future, so hopefully I can properly live up to expectations.   :)

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Zed my guy are u makin a another game like this I LOVE THIS TYPES OF GAMES ur my dream developer BUT PLEASE MAKE A  ANOTHER game like this i played both games i shall support u till i die


Such enthusiasm!

Yes, there are more projects planned for the future.

Maybe not exactly like this one, but in the same general category as my current games.  :)


Does all your games take place in the same universe ?


Most of them do, yes.  :)


can u make a baby mode so der is no shadow catcher

That's a good idea. Something like that was planned during development, but was eventually dropped.

If enough people want me to add such a mode, I definitely will.  :)

Thanks for the suggestion.


absolutely fun short game!! I got so joyful with the good ending that I got. So I thought of giving a little fanart as a thank you! Please make more games, looking forward! 

Wow, that's amazing!  :D

It's an honor to have fanart made of my games, especially art as good as this.

Thank you very much, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game.  :)




Awesome! Thanks for playing, and thanks again for playing the other game as well.  :)

It is very appreciated.


this game is so good i like how you can keep an eye ouside to see if the shadow catcher and i like how he got faster at the door and the final night he aslo gose to the kitcen i rate it 10/9.7

Thank you very much.  :)

It's awesome to hear that you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing!


this was a very fun and short game, the normal mode really adds an extra bit of challenge!

the third night really got me on high alert, i'm definitely recommending this game


Thank you very much.  :)

Glad you've enjoyed it, that's always nice to hear.

(At The Time Writting this comment i have not played the game)

This Looks good i hope this is a bit better then the man from the window i make a review Video of this and the man from the window


like it but i am slow ahahah

That's fine, at least you tried!  :)

Thanks for playing.


The game was a lot of fun, and I was surprised how long the game is. I did have to play through the game on easy mode, mainly because I spent most of the time writing down what they wanted and working it out, the questions were easy, it just felt tedious to repeatedly have to do it each time you die. Really glad the easy mode was there, as it felt a lot smoother for me.

Played through the game again to see what you did should the player fail every serving, I was surprised to see there was more than just a game over screen. Though I am curious if there are more variations to the ending than the ones I found.

The video I made is heavily cut down. I think I must have played for nearly two hours, but I was very cautious and ended up waiting out for the shadowcatcher to come in before I would continue working.

Had a lot of fun in the game, and I am also really glad that we were unable to burn food so I could take my time hiding.

It's good to hear you enjoyed this one!

Once again, thanks for playing, I appreciate it very much.   :)

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So are there only 3 endings? I'm guessing there's a different ending if you cook them the wrong food.

Btw amazing game. I had lots of fun.

That's awesome to hear, glad you enjoyed the game!  :)

Thanks for playing.

Thanks! and I got the 4th ending lmao. Honestly this was super fun and also nerve racking at times haha. I gave it a 5 star.

Excellent! The reviews are always appreciated.  :)


I played this game on my other acc and I'd say this game is very very good.. I love the story and mechanics behind.. hoping you get recognition like last time for your game.. anyways can't wait for the next one you will make 🥸🥸

Thank you very much!

I hope so too.  :)


YES! a new game, I cant wait to make a video on this game, looks good!

Thank you.  :)


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

This was an amazing horror game that I enjoyed and I liked that the game is using the concept of the creator's previous game, The Man from the Window, into a whole other game universe of 2 people who are having troubles with keeping their diner and getting customers. Surprisingly, I actually got attracted to the game due to the font used for the game as it looked really familiar to me (Because I played one of the previous games that the creator made before...)

I liked how the kitchen is actually functional and there are actual steps in cooking the dishes where all the ingredients are placed in containers and organised nicely into three separate refrigerators and pots and plates are also organised nicely. Moreover, a functional tap and stove (with fire animation) and also the animation for fully cooked food on the grill was amazing.

I actually thought that I finished the game after completing the first night before suddenly realising that maybe there is more to the game so I went ahead with the second and third nights, making me realise how difficult the game can be if the creator wants to make the game even more difficult than it is. I have chosen to play Easy Mode for the game as I am definitely not going to take the difficulty of the game lightly (After experiencing The Man from the Window). I was surprised that the creator added variation into the game where the Shadowcatcher behaves differently on each night (Difficulty increases). 

The  use of lighting and sound played a huge role in this game, making use of audio cues to alert the player when to hide and the lighting was used really well to create a dark and scary atmosphere. You can tell that I was always on my toes or you can also say, PARANOID, worried about the Shadowcatcher 24/7.

I liked how the storyline of the game flow nicely as the nights continue and I also loved the ending of the game at the end. I had a pretty good laugh when I saw that many customers and the Shadowcatcher... Furthermore, I love the star that appears on the title screen after you complete the game. It is very, very satisfying for some reason XD.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such an in-depth comment.

I appreciate every bit of feedback I can get, and the fact that this is such a nice comment is especially nice.  :)

It really is great to hear, so thanks again!


Saving my friend's diner business has never been so difficult - excellent game! 

I love original takes on the popular genre of horror, which has been adopted by many developers, yet, not all of them can twist the narrative in a way, that is immersive and unique. This game definitely servers justice to the great atmosphere, neat design and overall is a solid piece of art.

The family dynamic changes, based on the difficulty and that makes the game even more immersive. I never realized that changing from "simple" to "normal" can influence the gameplay. This speaks high quality and dedication, considering the fact that based on your portfolio, you are a solo developer. Fantastic. 

Sound design is perfect. The animation of the truly 3 dimensional characters is decent. The conversations are a bit jokey and fun, thus more relatable and calming, while the Dreamcatcher antagonist is mysterious and literally haunting. 

Now, there is a minor complaint, which I hope you can adapt as an constructive criticism. The gameplay is simple, you serve food to the family of the shadows and avoid Shadowcatcher, yet, there are some head scratching moments, when the AI actually catches me and I have to restart the game. Specifically, the game poorly indicates what exactly Samantha has to do to avoid the monster. Addition to that, Maude just stays near the counter and I thought she would move, but she did not, so, does Shadowcatcher sees her too and if so, is there a way to move her? It was kind of overwhelming with that part. Nevertheless, I got 1 ending. 

Definitely recommend everyone to check out this game and try it out. Maybe they enjoy the challenge, maybe not, but this is worth the time. 
Bravo developer! 👌

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Thank you very much for this comment!  :)

I appreciate it very much.

Checking the controls should help with most of the confusions the player may have, so I may need to improve the visibility.

I will take your words to heart, thank you again.

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