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Maude's old diner was struggling to stay open.

But then one late night, three unexpected guests arrived.

The last hope of saving the diner lies with these guests, yet there's still one problem...

Something followed them.

This game features two difficulty modes: Normal and Easy.

The endings are not dependent on difficulty, it is simply a matter of challenge!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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beware-the-shadowcatcher-win.zip 138 MB
Version 4

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Could you upload this for the Itch desktop client?


This game was extremely difficult for me to beat. Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t hear his footsteps or I just wasn’t paying attention. But the game was funny and scary and I loved the story. 


My apologies for any issues you had with this one!
Sound design, specifically volume level, is something I've often struggled with.

Glad to hear you've enjoyed the story, despite the problems.
Thanks for playing.

these games are great and all but the furry women with overexadurated body parts are making me not want to like them since i feel like its so unfitting


tbh i think thats what make the game unique, besides, it dont look something sexualized in a way, its just oversweet i believe!

it does create a style its just i feel like the female characters are given a bit too big stuff

Okay I said Awsome because I saw it in other videos but it keeps on telling me the file is forbidden, could you help me?

you have to do applicatone .exe 

Someone stole this and put it up on Google Play. They did the same with my game. Just wanted to give you a heads up


Thank you for letting me know.
However, there's not much I can do about people posting fake versions of my games.
Take one down and another three pop up, sort of like a scummy hydra.


This game is just amazing, i would love to play more games like that! Have a nice day/night :>

That's very nice of you to say.
Thank you, and you have a nice day/night as well.  :)




 I work in a translation team (Portuguese translations), and we would like to contact you if you would like to partner and have a translation. Thank you if you are read this.

The Aozora team.


Thank you for the offer! However, I must decline.
While I understand that adding another language into these games would increase the number of potential players, I do not wish to take up any more work than I already have.
Once again, thanks for offering.

No problem.
You're welcome.
Thank you for answering me.

hey nice game you made can you give me tips of how to make my game controllable


First of all, thank you!

As far as controllers go, I don't use them so I wouldn't be able to help.

ok its fine but when you make a new game can it be the woman in the window

and this can you make the place a mall cause last time it was a home and also do i have permission to add you game to my website

i have a little bug while making the pancakes, i cannot add butter or sirup to the pancakes. I have tried starting new games, redownloading the game and i still cant add them. You have any tips on how to fix it? Btw great game, i play it very often with my friends and we call The Shadowcather: The Ducky, Cause its face/ mask looks like a duck head. I love all your games tbh.

How strange!
Are you certain you've followed the cookbook precisely? Keep in mind the dish requires four pancakes.

Also, thank you for your interest in the game, I appreciate it.

Yea, i know that:

1. You need pancake batter

2. Butter

3. Syrup

So i take four pancakes and fry them until they are done. Then i put them all on a plate and then i get the butter and syrup. The red dot comes up but i cant add the butter or syrup.  I prob have such a crappy pc, since its like 10 years old.

I play your games so often that i remember how to make all food I the menu XD. 

Thank you for responding :}

i really want to play


Then play it


Fun game


Hello, sorry if I have bad English. But I wanted to tell you that I love your games and characters, each game seems unique, and to know that it is yours is to see the designs, although they are not perfect I love them very much


Thank you very much for your kind words!

I really appreciate it.  :)

the game is fun, it mixes terror with a touch of making you think and how fun it is to cook, it has a simple but engaging story I would definitely play it again not only because I'm a furry haha and here I show you how I left it xd

can i play this game 

i want to play it



Then play it

It's so nice to hear that you enjoyed playing the game!

Thank you very much.


Still going back through and playing this after I downloaded it a few days ago, something about it just caught my interest and now it's just something fun to do to relax (which is funny considering it's a horror game). I love all your works, especially for the ambiance and characters, but this one has a lot of replayability for me. I really like the base mechanics of it, and the cooking part is really fun for me. I'd honestly play the thing if it was just a cooking simulator where you got to serve the shadows!

Great job with the main gameplay and having to use the sounds to determine what the Shadowcatcher is doing. I love how you included so many aspects of the game that you have to play for a little while or pay close attention to catch, like the fact that you can go up to the door and open it to look around or that if you don't hear footsteps after he searches once he's hiding in the doorway and you can see him waiting to come in again. Things like that make short games fun.

It does have a bit of a learning curve without a tutorial, but if you just pay attention well enough you can pretty easily get a good idea of what you're doing. Once you get past that and explore how it works it's very fun and for me, something I love to replay. Great job Zed! Can't wait to see what you do next.


First of all, I appreciate the fact you've taken the time to write such an in-depth comment!

It's great to hear that you were able to enjoy the game as much as you have.
Hearing that I've created something that's enjoyable is one of the highest honors as a dev.
Thank you very much!

I love your style of game design, characters, and unique stories! Keep up the good work! https://youtu.be/ckmUyDqChwg


Thank you very much, that's very kind of you to say!

And of course, thanks for playing as well.

Зацените мое видео по этой игре, я из России - See my video about this game, i'm from Russia


Thank you for playing!

Amazing game but when I tap to try to switch characters when I wanna hide them it makes the character talk when I tap on them but overall an amazing game keep up the good work!


Glad you liked it!

My apologies for any issues you may have experienced with the game.

It's alright but you're welcome


The game is very interesting, it is also entertaining the atmosphere that it projects makes one get into the skin of the protagonists/

El juego es muy interesante, ademas es entretenido la atmosfera que este proyecta hace que uno se meta en la piel de las protagonistas


Thank you!


I love how in the end the shadowcatcher smiles and has a change of heart. And its so funny how Maude keeps asking Samantha for coffee when Samantha says no every time. So i would like to say i enjoyed the game and its pretty good ngl.


Glad you liked it!

Thank you for playing.

Love this game liked the ending a lot!


I love this game so much but i cant play it im so sad ill figure out how to play it later love the game.


Glad to hear you like the game!

If you're having issues with the game, please be sure to let me know.

i cant open when i open windows security tells me not secure


I love your games !

Thank you very much!  :)


couldnt download it....

you can! it shows the tip incase u want to the button should be there


very great game!!!!!!!



honestly its a great game and i hope that you can find a way to kinda continue the shadow catcher series by adding a sequel to it but it could have a twist im no coder nor model designer and im honestly only 13 but i do have some ideas on what a sequel game could be like id be willing to work with you and would love to help give you some new ideas if you are interested then just reply and we can find a way to get into communication either by email or discord so i hope to hear back from you!  :)


While I appreciate the offer, I don't need any additional help right now.

Thanks, though!

oh no problem hit me up if you ever need  a new game idea id be glad to help welp until next time adios

I loved this game! The game has good gameplay and is great

Thank you!

Glad to hear you liked the game, and thanks for playing.  :)


Played this after "The Man From The Window" and "The Vermander's Curse", and I love your gamedev style (the characters, the animation style, the gameplay mechanics)! :)

I wonder one thing though: If a big part of society in your games are humanoid animals, doesn't that make the restaurant partially cannibalistic?

Thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate them greatly.  :)

Also, no. This hasn't been explored in the games yet, but my reasoning is that the meats of this universe retain most of the same names, but come from various types of monsters and entities. 


The game is pretty awesome, but sometimes the Shadowcatcher enters through the main door without doing any footsteps sound, and I think that's a little bit unfair. Other than that, I really like this game!

(1 edit) (+1)

Glad to hear you liked the game, thanks for playing!  :)

Regarding your issue, I will say that there is a sound. However, my audio leveling skills leave much to be desired, so it's probably not loud enough. My apologies!


just finished the game, last night played "the man from the window" too! i loved both games, please continue making these games!

It's always nice to hear it while someone enjoys these games.  :)

Thanks for playing both, I appreciate it!  :)


Hello, just wanted to say your game is pretty damn cool. Do you plan on releasing your games onto steam?

Thank you very much!  :)

For right now I'd like to stay right here and show my support for Itch, as I quite like this site.
I don't know what the future holds, but for the foreseeable future there are no plans for Steam releases.  :)


This is the allegorical game. The shadow family represents the civilians immigrating to a new country for a happier life, while the Shadowcatcher represents the dark side of border control and xenophobic authorities that doesn't let people from their different land go, discriminating them. 

So, the Shadowcatcher is discriminating the family of shadow immigrants.


i cant place the plates and i dont know why

other wise this game is a masterpiece

(1 edit)

Are you talking about how to serve the food?
First you pick up a completed dish, then left-click on the person you want to give the food to!

If you want to know how to drop the plate, that's right-click.

Apologies if the instructions were too unclear.

please make an android version


I appreciate your interest in the game, but I'm not able to develop for mobile platforms at the moment.

I apologize, and sorry to disappoint!

(1 edit) (-1)

a 50% chances gamer use the phone and 20% gamer use computer and 1% gamer use their own controlled make the other version such as : andorid, ios, fire os, ps5, xbox 360, xbox and ps4 please it takes 72 hours


I enjoy your games a lot, this one felt more fleshed out and fun than the last one, i havent gotten to the second night yet but i will soon and then ill play your newest one! 

Glad you enjoyed this one too!  :)





Amazing game! I love it!

Glad you liked this one as well, thanks!  :)


honestly, it's a very entertaining and spooky game. i love all the games you make and i hope you keep making them, the graphics and the stories are unique.

Thank you so much!  :)

I definitely plan on making more games, hopefully I won't disappoint.


When one braincell is shared between two idiot who see big body animals, nothing can stop the Tonyous Brothers in the mission to feed the shadow people!

That's a very fun summary.  :)

Thanks for playing! 

(2 edits)

can you help me make a game Zed_technician Please?

I want to learn how to make game like yours and for everyone to enjoy it! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm glad these games have inspired you to want to make your own, but I'm really not a teacher.

Still, game development is very easy to get into nowadays, especially with how much knowledge is available out there.
If you're truly interested, I suggest starting out by watching Youtube tutorials on the basics of engines like Unity, Unreal, or maybe something entirely different.
You'll need to learn the basics first.

If you're still on board by that point, try practicing with pre-made assets until you're comfortable enough to start making your own.
It's all a very long process, and will take a lot of work. But it's very rewarding if you stick with it.

(2 edits)

Thank you for your suggestions! I will try Unity first. But just a question! Did you watch tutorials before you become a developer?

Have a nice day! :)

Yes, I did! Everything I currently know came from tutorials and a lot of trial and error.

Good luck!

(4 edits)

Thank you! :)

btw since unity is a lil expensive

i decided to try CryEngine and this happened.

(I dont know what this means,mind helping me understand?)


Sounds like your graphics card doesn't meet that engine's requirements.

Also, keep in mind that  you can use the Unity Personal version for free, as long as you don't make over 100k a year!

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