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Still very strange but interesting, I really enjoyed this weird game and trying to find all the endings. 


it so innapropriate it has women

I had fun thank you very much! 

A fun little sequel that had some additional mechanics added in that I wasn't expecting and got me.  I had a lot of fun playing both Part 1 and 2 together.  Keep up the great work! 🖤

but the characters too thicc

especially female characters

There is an END in FriEND 😰😭😢 (


beware he's back

Hey I want to know how you made this because it is amazing


The game is truly amazing. If you like short horror games, check out his channel.

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I loved the first game, however, I'm sad to say that i'm quite disappointed with the sequel. The planning of the time, interacting with the objects is what I loved most. Now the game is only sitting yourself in the right spot and doing nothing. Hope to see more interactive elements like in the first game for any future releases.

Cool Game :)

Its really fun

love your work as always Zed, keep it up

Bem legal. a Impressão que eu tive foi que ficou mais fácil do que o primeiro, mas provavelmente é pq eu já estava acostumado com a temática do game. Todos os finais no vídeo.

Pretty cool. Was under the impression that this ne was easier than the first, but probably because I was used to the way the game works. All endings.


will you put it on steam plz


its 100 dollars to put games on steam and they have to approve i

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Now I have to play the Vermander dude game (:

Here's some gameplay in spanish!



Actually quite enjoyed it. The blinds caught me off guard aha

Worth my money!! But ya gotta continue this series PLEASE I BEG YOU



none i have


oh man i was really hoping for it to be free :(




I luv when ThinkNoodles plays!


omg u actually priced one of ur games!??!! good job bc it's worth the price and worth the effort u put into ur games


Thank you, you're too kind.  :)

Пожалуйста, сделайте эту игру бесплатной на один день🥺

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tbh now that it costs some sort of money, means the next game's quality will be insane (not that it's not already)!


Thank you for playing.  :)


I wish I could afford this game :(


make it freeee


Ok man, you've officially made this a series and there's no choice now. We will NEED more of these in the future. We've grown found of this rabbit family we'll need to see more of them.

ok just..... hear me out...... mama rabbits kinda hot

yeah she got big boobs and a fat a$$ and works at a bakery 


She got that fat a$$ cuz she steals all them donuts and brings some of em' back to junior- 💀🤚

Dudeee ToT


bro make it free

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You're unbelievably selfish if you think game developers shouldn't put a price tag on their game. Countless hours of work go into projects like these & most of the time, there're given away free of charge on sites like Itch & GameJolt! 
A single buck is hardly a fee & it helps support the developer!


bro do you think my aunty will pay for it mate so shut your big fat boody asmr clean


Your grammar is atrocious.
Go back to school lad.

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Nobody cares about your grammar this is the fucking internet


No, no, Ness1253 has a point




Bruh whats yoru scratch account i feel like i remember you


My name isn't PUGRAM anymore...You can call me Alpha Dawg. 🐶


ONE Dollar?!? Zed, buddy. For real though, the quality only keeps going up. I'm never gonna stop playing your stuff! BANGER. EVERY. TIME.


Thank you very much.  :)


my parents dont let me spend money free please

another game another good game

Thank you!


Hey man, cool game! I haven't played but I watched Jazzghost playing it, seems really good!

PS. It's just a random idea that came through my head, I don't really expect anything but lol it would be SO funny if you made a game with Jazzghost in it, as a villain or not lol he played some of your games, and it would be so funny to see how he would react to it lol


Thanks for watching!


Really fun and loved seeing Mama rabbit again. I think a few more tricky elements could've been added to make you have to peace things slightly different so you don't just hide but awesome job nonetheless. 

Thank you very much for the feedback!
Hopefully any future installment will turn out better than this one did.


the game is so beautiful but i have no money i cant buy 'the man from the window 2' :(


It's literally a dollar. You can find that on the ground.


where is it ?


I like the switch up! great sequel!

Thank you very much!  :)


Here it is. TBMK 1. God I wasn't expecting there was actually NG+ but oh well. Same game, different dialogues unfortunately.

I like how we get to see where the characters end up after the first game but I do wanna say how I felt like this game should of been harder than the first which it wasn't. In the first game you had to lock the door and open a donut box. In this game there was none of that. It was just about finding pages and then finding out where the best place to hide was. The list of hiding spots seemed like a waste of time to me cause I felt like it didn't help at all. I'll have to be honest and say I liked the first game way better.

Thanks for playing, and the feedback is much appreciated!

When are you bringing back this game, Zed?

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