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"Time will pass, the seasons may change, we know that nothing can ever stay the same...
But still The Man continues to play his twisted game."

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Published 5 days ago
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Version 2

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This was a pretty nice sequel to the first game. Gotta say I was shocked by the time skip. 




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Everyone needs to chill with these make free comments this person has obviously put lots of work into this game and felt uncomfortable charging and is listening to his community and the wider internet that he should charge for his work and he made it a single dollar showing how uncomfortable they are with charging. If you don't want to buy it then don't but DO NOT be bringing this creator down. These are fun entertaining games that millions have enjoyed and we should support this person not drag them down and demand free stuff from them. 


Make it free!!!


What he said

 The Man From The Window 2Вышел Человек за Окном 2 // The Man From The Window 2

О, топси


please make free please


Is anyone thinking this should be free.


Bro really came back for that round 2 type shi-

but ngl he just wants friends :T

By Kidnapping them

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Are there only 4 endings? I don't want to buy this if I've already seen everything in the game...


i heard theres 4 endings one the mama bunny gets caught 2nd  aubrey gets caught/grandaughter 3rd good ending 4th a secret ending




Si hay alguien español aca, hice un video sacando el final bueno de pura suerte xd 


I played the game, this is the most fun I had ever had in a game it’s better than the first game and the 1 dollar was worth it

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this game is cool but i dont have monye to buy it so you can let it free plzzz or elss i well take my big brother cridet card and buy the game when he know


now there is gonna be a second game? COOL!


I really don't get the complaining about the price. 1$ is literally nothing and those who "can't pay", I imagine, are either from Russia or other bunch of countries US dropped sanctions on but the rest 90% of the world should be able to pay with a credit card just fine? Am I missing something?

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Based on what I've seen, the biggest issue right now seems to be the fact that Itch doesn't allow any currency besides USD.
It's unfortunate, but that's how things pan out sometimes.
There's not much I can do about that at the moment.


I was under the impression that when paying with a credit card, the currency exchange will be handled by your payment network. For example, US dollar isn't the currency I keep my money in but I can still pay for any US based service that charges in $ just fine using a Visa.
It's kinda confusing to me how itch can enforce dollars only if it's out of their scope but I'm no expert in transactions by any means.


some people also don't have money to spend due to age and lack of credit card



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Hello, I come from a Third World Country (won't say which though for the sake of privacy) and we do not have credit cards here. Thinking that they're available all around the world is a huge misconception. So try to see it from the pespective of these people. 🙂

That being said, the hate towards OP is unwarranted though. They shouldnt be blamed for something beyond their control.

I remember playing the first game and I gotta say I do enjoy the expanded lore and the addition of a casual playthrough and a hardcore! Loved it!

Hey, thank you for playing!  :)


The Secret at the end means the Zed_Technician Cinematic Universe is Confirmed


sadly i can't buy the game now, in the future i will probably do it

I watched a gameplay from Maxi_Joshua channel, but nice game like AAAA, your games are so perfect, the mecanism, the caracters, the references to the others game, i didn't expect to J.P. Vermander to appear AAA i love everything.

(i'm sorry if my english isn't very good)


Thank you!
I'm glad that you liked what you saw of the game.
And I hope your situation is able to improve soon, good luck!


Do you plan on updating "The Man from the Window 1" Junior and Mama Rabbit's models for the first game now that you made a tail for future Rabbit Characters?

This was a game that I enjoyed from start to finish by the way. It took me a few tries to beat Normal Mode though not as much as the first game. While I easily beat Tough Mode on my first try.


Good question!
I tend to stay away from those sort of updates.
Bug fixes? Of course. Content updates? No.
So no, I don't plan to go back and update 1.

Also, thank you for playing!

It's fine, you could always just use the old models for another game if you felt like it.

I've noticed that the Man is the closest thing you're series has to a main villain since he's the only character to return with his original personality remaining untouched, only ever changing up his strategy in an attempt to ensure a victory after his every failure to get what he wants.

It was nice to see these characters again and learn more about them. It's really weird seeing the Man's full body as I wasn't expect him to not have feet but it makes sense since they're out of sight in normal gameplay.

Regardless of what you do with these characters next and their role in a future game, I'll be excited to see what you have planned to make next. I hope you're enjoying the start of 2023 and I can't wait to see your future games later this year


This was great! While it felt like a simplified version of the first game, I still had a great time playing. I've said this before, but you truly have a knack for creating fun and interesting games with unique gameplay elements. Looking forward to your next one! Great work as usual!

Thank you very much, your kind words are very appreciated.  :)
I did take this one in a slightly different direction, and while it did sort of miss the mark, I'm glad people can still enjoy it.

Thanks for playing!


I love this game. I wonder if there will be a third eventually.

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Beautiful sequel! can't wait to see the man from the window coming for Audrey when she's as big as mama rabbit, if you know what I mean. Keep up the great work!

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I really enjoy this exciting and scary plot of "The Man From The Window" .  It would be possibly be a fantastic idea to have other languages too depending on popular demands!


I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

another Zed Special :) xx

Thank you very much for playing.  :)

click this if you love men

Thanks for playing!

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I did really enjoy this one. I love the fact that Junior now is a n adult with a kid. Nice touch! Great story line and graphics. Hopefully we will see part 3. Cheers! 


Thank you so much!  :)
I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the game, and thanks for playing.


bro got greedy

Kubz scouts is kinda, getting better at this game.

Amazing game love the concept 

Thank you!


Is there any way you could release this on Steam? I'd like to buy it but I'm not American so buying games through itch.io is a massive pain in the ass


I apologize, but for right now I'd like to stay exclusively here on Itch.
Again, apologies that you're unable to play because of this.


Now the community will be divided by the ones that go "LMAO IT'S JUST $1 YOU CHEAPSKATE BLA BLA BLA *CHOKES ON MCDONALDS AND IGNORANCE*" 

And the ones that would love to pay $1, $10 heck even $30 for your games, but we CAN'T HERE, because Itch.io sucks at paying with anything but dollars. At lot of us around the world don't have access to pay through dollars.


A lot of the people wanting it for free aren't saying it's because they're in a different country.

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It's not as scary as the first. But it's a decent game

Thank you very much!
Glad to hear you think this one's decent.  :)

hes a meany, not sure if i got all the endings but here it is

Indeed he is.  :)
Thanks for playing, I appreciate it!

Amazing!! He really came more aggressive this time!!

Thank you for playing!

Please, Check this out :

Gave the game a Let's Play, was hoping for more from this sequel since it more or less is the same as the first game, but with less to do, but more places to hide/bigger house a bit. Still, not a bad game. 


Thank you for playing!
Apologies that it didn't exactly meet your expectations, but I'm glad that all in all, you still think it's a decent game.  :)


stop being a bunch of babies its just 1 dollar

i really wanna try ut i dont have the alowance to download things on the school computerrrr

Zed is back with a new game and I downloaded it so fast I forgot to comment about it. 

I was surprised to see that you made a part 2 to this, and I'm surprised I had to pay for it. I will say this, I will gladly pay for your games zed. You've given out fun games for free, so it's literally the least I can do, as well as the rest of your fans. I hope this money helps you, along with making bigger games my friend.

Now onto the game itself. Concept wise, it's like the last one of course, read the book and figure out how to hide. simple. This time the pages are scattered, so I made thicc mama rabbit run around the area collecting pages like slender man, except his cousin from michigan is after you. Simple and done, the game was over and I got the best ending, so I loved that.

Now most importantly, the story. I was hella surprised to see that this game takes place 20+ years after the first. I loved that fact that Junior is grown up and is working at Stahl and co shipping company from "antiques and antiquities", I love that mama rabbit hasn't even aged in her years, she still fine, and I love that Junior has a kid named Audrey, it's pretty nostalgic to the first game. We also get an amazing cameo from J.P. GOATmander from his game too. Plus that bathtub from the first game stayed as well, how sweet.

Still, I'm really surprised that its 20+ years into the future, where most of your games take places in. I assume that everyone we've played as so far lives within a similar area or story, so it's always cool to see them interacting with each other. It's nice to see junior and his family having a nicer place to live compared to how it was all those years ago. It sucks to know that the man has been chasing them for all those years, I feel so bad for them, but it's amazing to know that they've been protecting the town from him by being the only ones he's chased for so long, at least I hope that's the case.

Anyways, another solid game from you Zed. it's cool to see you come around back the first game after everything you've made so far. I hope to see a game surrounding Bartleby's bakery, because I feel like you had something for that in "The more bit know Zero" as a concept for it's 2nd game, at least that's what I remembered. Anywho keep it up, I look forward to the next.

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Here's an interesting fact that I will constantly spread. Mama Rabbit's retirement certificate references a bakery. Said bakery is actually from two deleted games. I think you know its prequel as The Bit More Know Zero. The first game had nothing to do with it (yet) whilst the second game takes place to where she worked. Said sequel also feels like the precursor to Beware the Shadowcatcher. You might think I may be lying, but I currently have both games with me. If I have time, I would send a video link for the second deleted game. (I'm not playing the 1st one. Too terrifying for me lol)

Why do i bring it up? Well, because if we took account to the games being in the same universe, it all dates back to his very first game.


Hey, thanks for taking the time to write down such a detailed summary of your thoughts on the game! I enjoyed reading it all, and it's always nice to see someone invested in my storytelling.

I appreciate the support as well!
I'd like to continue on making bigger and better games, and every bit I received will help me achieve that goal.
So thank you very, very much for purchasing the game!  :)


can I have it for free


Why dont you stop being cheap. Its $1. Support a game developer.


I'm from Russia and I can not pay at all due to sunctions. 


not everyone on earth is american

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