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The games are seriously good, they give me the creeps for sure tho

Hah, your games are weird I like them


Zed, I Have An Somewhat Important Question For You: Have You Realized Or Considered Allowing Source film maker (SFM) Animators, Modeling Experts, Etc.) To Use You're Models In Animations By Fans Or Content Creators?. Also Are You Planning To Make An Sequel To Artifacts & Antiquity? If So, I Maybe Able To Offer An Story For It, Or Even Some Fan Art For Future Games (Also I'm Not The Best Artist In The World, But I'll Love Helping Your Games In The Future As Well) Thanks For The Game! -AvaMeme129

Hey There little late to this game but honestly was amazing! I really enjoyed it, it wasn't scary at all to me but game mechanics were solid and maybe a "tough" mode like in your man from the window 2 would make it better but I loved the dialogue and the concept was great! I like that you tried to give us a little jumpscare a couple times and all the death scenes and regular cutscenes and endings were GREAT! Anyways thanks for letting everyone play your games free I def woulda paid for this.
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Thank you very much for playing, and for the feedback as well!
Both are greatly appreciated, as always.  :)

Another amazing game by the one and only Zed_Technician

Thank you very, very much.  :)

Super nice game! very fun to play just like the other games.

I have a question though; A while ago i commented on The Bit More Know Zero, and you probably dont remember it but i asked if there would be new game like that one, and you replied "There is a specific project I have planned that would utilize the same type of gameplay, but it might be a while before I can get to it."

Was this the game you mentioned?

Thanks for playing!

Great memory on your part, but no. This isn't it!
That specific project is still on my list of ideas.
I hope that one day all of my ideas can become actual games.
The only thing holding me back, in a sense, is time.

Awesome as usual. Loved the idea behind this one, it was a really cool spin! You were completely in control of everything but it still felt kinda out of your hands, Great job!

I Want A sequel to this game, and most importantly Thoth's Return! -AvaMeme129

love all your games, cant wait for the next one, but i loaded this one up for the first time last night, it crashed now its  froze stuck on a zoomed in screen of the monitors. i rolled back updates, uninstalled, reset computer nothing makes it work please fix so i can add this one to the beat list!

The Gods Cursed your Computer with crashes! -AvaMeme129

I'm bad at voice acting sorry, this game is still great despite me.

Apologies for such a late reply!
I tend to lose track of time sometimes.

Thank you very much for playing!
And it doesn't matter if you're conventionally "good" at voice acting or not, as long as you tried that's a win in my book.  :)

Is The Protector The Egyptian God Seth? I Always Believed That It Is Him Because He Was Usually Seen Protecting The Other Gods Before The Battle Between Him And Horus, Also Is There Plan's For An Sequel For This Game? I'll Love To See It Happen Maybe The Game Is Set In Egypt, As We Go Through A Secret Temple We Shouldn't Be Inside Of, Then The Egyptian Gods Horus And Seth Appears In front Of Us And Telling Us We Shouldn't Be Here, However They Allow Us To Explore And Stay With Them If We Collect Some Artifacts To Create A Powerful Item Needed To Stay With Them If We Decided To Stay With Them In The End Of The Game, Or We'll Leave If We Want To, The Bad Endings Still Had A Character That Company Us By Dying Anyways Or Fail To Collect Every Item Back By The End Of The Game. Thanks For The Game That Made Me Have A Crush On Thoth So Much. P.S I'll Love To Be A Character In The Game In The Future, As Well As Thoth's Appearance Again In The Game. Thank You!-AvaMeme129  

As usual, great game!


Thank you!

i was honestly scared

Thanks for playing!  :)

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I like how you improve on making games because this pretty well made. Only issue i have about this is game is not really hard at all. I did it on my first try while your others game taken me 10-30 deaths to master it

First of all, thanks for playing!
I apologize for the lack of difficulty.
Hopefully going forwards I can better gauge where the difficulty should be, I'll definitely try my best.


Just wanted to say what a great project you have! Can I contact you somehow?

pergunta rápida, por que maior parte das mulheres de seus jogos são gordas?

É o estilo do Zed. Todos os jogos dele tem personagens assim.




I'm gonna be honest, when I first saw your games on ManlyBadassHero's channel I was immediately put off by the artstyle and didn't want to play them, however I decided to give them another chance after seeing it getting a lot of praise and boy am I glad I did.  I've had a blast playing all of your games over the last few days and this one is my favorite so far due to the Ancient Egypt theme, I love everything historical. I'm looking forward to your next games!

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Thank you so much!
I'm very grateful you decided to give it another chance.
Also, apologies for taking so long to reply.

Hi there, I made once again a video about your latest game. It could have been a bit harder but hey, the game was still fun.

Glad to hear you had fun despite the lack of difficulty!
Thanks for playing.

No problem.

first try in playing this game almost time ran out when i had the last piece this game is a Master piece!

Thank you very much!

Another excellent horror adventure from Zed Technician. I liked this one for the various gameplay elements - I only wish it was harder! 7.5/10!

Thank you, you're too kind!
I'll do my best going forwards to avoid the "too easy" issue with these projects.
Thanks for playing!

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Finally got around to playing this game and I can say this game is as fun as your other ones, I also like the ending of the game.(The one where every one is alive)

Thank you! That's very kind of you to say.
As I've stated before, there were definitely some missed opportunities with this one.
However, it's still great to hear that you were able to enjoy the game despite the shortcomings!
Thanks again.



i love this game! Cant wait for more 

Thank you!  :)


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REALLY AWESOME GAME!! FROM VISUALS TO GAMEPLAY I hope you did something with the computer itself for example if the artifact is in the "even" number camera it should have a different password than the "odd" number but nonetheless a great GAME GOD BLESS TO YA AND STAY SAFE JESUS  LOVES YOU!!!!!

Thank you very much!
I appreciate the feedback, and I agree that there were certainly missed opportunities and things that should have been handled better.
Still, the most I can do at this point is hope the next project will turn out better than this one.
Thank you once again.

But nonetheless man no pressure to you just be you hope to see your next game Take care and Jesus Loves ya!!!!


Thanks for playing.  :)

Yet again, another great game by the almighty zed_technician. And like your modern games, easy to pick up and play, as well as knowing the instructions immediately off the bat. Speaking of the game, there was a typo error with the text that the egyptian lady gives. there were two "the". Just wanted to point that out. Other than that, I loved how you made a direct connection this time instead of a subtle connection that all your modern games are connected. (I'm not sure when you gonna remake a bit more know but I digress) Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see if you either remake it or create another amazing round of games with characters who have huge personalities. hehehe. :) P.S. Yay Shadow people! So that means they finally have some attention!


I look forward to all games you release. I loved the concept of this game and love how these games all tie together <3 

Thank you very much, and thanks for playing!
I appreciate it.

ZED i love you as a game dev and i really liked your others games but this one was slightly boring!! was still fun to play and will ALWAYS LOVE your character design! (can i be in a character in your next game plz), i will still always play your games :) xx 

Thank you for playing.
Apologies about the game being boring, hopefully the next project will turn out better.

Your still my favourite GameDev xx 


Alright Zed, you're back at it again with another game, which I gladly came across once more. SOOOOOOOOOOOO let's get to it. First off, I really enjoyed this one, mainly for its concept. 

It's definitely new compared to your last few games that's for sure. In terms of gameplay, it's generally simple, but I did appreciate the constant distractions that came my way as the difficulty increased. I would suggest though, maybe a hard mode one day, mainly because of the fact that the game itself is pretty easy. That's usually my main "complaint" about it being too easy, but I will say this. I like the fact that you don't put music into your games, and there's just some background noise that makes me uneasy, so I appreciate that scare factor. If anything, I'm always uneased when it comes to horror games, so I was rather happy I didn't have to go inside the warehouse, but it would be an interesting concept to add, where you can switch between gracei, and faye and mike, just to remember your surroundings and where to go, without having Gracie just choosing where to go. Regardless, the concept was pretty cool, I got jumpscared by on the final run. I would've preferred if the 2 gods would've shown up around the 5th or 6th treasure just to increase that difficulty.

Now for storywise, I liked it. I love that call back to Morton from Vermander curse, and how he mentioned that his "friend" which I assume is Vermander used RedPostPages to find a job, and I liked how Morton screamed for Eda after the pc caught fire. I think it was interesting to play as a regular human this time, considering that there hasn't been a main human character since your first game, still it made me miss all the other wonderful ladies I played across your games for sure. There was definitely a lot more characters in this game compared to your others for sure, I would've loved to see more interactions amongst them. Faye is nice and all, but MIKE., your boi MIKE is hella chill, and he don't talk back or anything. MIKE is on the GRIND 24/7, so I really appreciate his character. i would love to see more of him in future games. Oh and Gracie is cool to...I guess. I'm kidding of course.

Overall, I really liked this game. It was simplistic in terms of gameplay, but I'm always sticking around for your stories. Honestly, I would like to see a follow up to the IXY company because I'm sure we'll get something there, considering that Gracie mentioned how the company used shady tactics to get some cheap computer chips. So yeah, another banger from Zed, I hope to see more of the ZTU (Zed Technician Universe) expand, in which we'll get callbacks to old characters. Good job, and keep it up with Amanda the Adventurer. I think you're helping to develop that game, so I can't wait to see that next year. Is it perhaps that these games are used as concepts to see which one works best for the Amanda games? I don't k now of course, but I hope to see if it does. Thanks for reading this Zed, I appreciate the work.

Wait Zed_Technician is working on Amanda the Adventurer?


No, that is incorrect.
As I've stated in my other reply, Google is to blame for causing some people to think that.
There's this shady mobile game site where someone is registered under my name and is posting sketchy clickbait "content," hence all the weird names.
For some reason, whenever you search for me, Google thinks it's a good idea to display the information from that site front and center.
I've been unable to either get it changed or taken down, so there's not much else I can do about it.


Before I get to your comments regarding this game, I have to correct you on something:
I have absolutely nothing to do with Amanda the Adventurer.
You most likely got that information from Google, I'm assuming.
The information shown on Google is from someone on a shady mobile game site who's pretending to be me. They have a bunch of sketchy clickbait "games," and for some reason, Google insists on presenting it whenever someone searches for me.
I've tried multiple times to get it taken down or at least changed, but to no avail.

Anyways, on to the rest of your comment.
Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a thorough review for this one.
I appreciate the suggestions regarding the difficulty. For the most part, I don't believe in adding content once I've finished a game.
However, I always strive to improve, so I'll keep your advice in mind for the next project!
Finally, thank you very much for playing.

Really enjoyed this one! Keep it up!

That's great to hear!  :)
Thank you, and I'll be sure to do my best going forwards.

I love your games please never stop making this type of games. I have much fun playing them


I'm glad to hear that you're able to enjoy these games, it really means a lot!

This was a good game, i've really enjoyed it. Thank you for making an awesome game as usual. :)

Thanks for the kind words!
And of course, thanks for playing as well.

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I absolutely love this game. 10/10 ^^ < 3 

Always making great games. Love the representation of the curvy women. :D

Way to go Zed

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Thank you very much!
Your comment really means a lot, and I appreciate it.  :)

This was a good one. I really liked the concept. It was cool to see Morton come back. I feel like it was a little too easy. It was fun. Thanks for making another great game :) 


Glad you managed to enjoy, despite the easiness of it all!
Thanks for playing, and I'll do my best to improve for the next.

A great job experience.

Thank you for playing!
I appreciate it.  :)

This is definitely my favorite game you have made yet!!!!


Thank you and thanks for playing!


Always really nice to see your name pop up with a new game. You really do have a way with making engaging core gameplay loops. Thanks for sharing this with us, as always!


No, I should be thanking you for playing.  :)
None of this possible without players like you, so thanks!
Glad to hear you liked this one.

Hey Zed_Technician, can i throw a bit money your way for pizza or something? (paypal preferred)


Thank you for the offer, Varenvel!
If you look look in the description here on AaA, you can see the two ways of supporting me.

yeah , i already found it like 20mins after i made the comment:) , get yourself something nice:)

Thank you very much, Varenvel!
Apologies for taking so long to come back and properly thank you.
The support is very much appreciated.


So i really really enjoyed this despite it maybe not being as challenging as other zed games i have played, one of the biggest things i like about his games is the fact that they are so story driven and dialog is so good! its like a visual novel but in an actual game and i love it and the characters! but yea enjoyed this alot! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy i got all the endings also 

Thanks for playing!
I appreciate the kind words about the game.  :)

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