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Hey Zed! I'm in the process of playing thru all of your available games because I'd like each of them to be represented on my channel. I know this was an early one, but it still has your unmistakable style! Thanks for the chills.


Sorry i just had to...

This is the best fictional horror creature i have seen so far. Altough i have almost (just almost) given up on Unity) i can still use arduino. With your consent i might build an animatronic of this entity ;) 

Haunts me in my nightmares.

idk how to play this game!!!!


I was looking through your content today and it got me thinking about The Bit More Know 1&2. I know they are buggy and hard to understand, but is there any way that I would be able to play them? And if not that's ok too. Luv your games! <3


Apologies, but I've recently made the decision to no longer distribute those games.
They will return one day, but until I can properly improve them, they both will remain unavailable.

I appreciate the interest, and thank you for understanding.

Yeah, and I can already see them now. > 

You can see the monsters of TBMK2.

Why tho? they looked so great! i would gladly pay 10$ for thoose games.

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I really enjoyed playing this game. It definitely kept me on my toes. I think the gameplay is great and if you ever decide to create another game like this, I would look forward to playing. I also played one of your other games, 'No Strings Attached,' and I had a lot of fun playing that one as well.


Thank you for playing, and thanks for playing No Strings Attached as well.  :)


No problem. They were both really fun games to play!


Here it is. TBMK 1. God I wasn't expecting there was actually NG+ but oh well. Same game, different dialogues unfortunately.

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My playthrough of Zed's first game on, as requested by several viewers of my previous Zed_Technician video!

Хойман сакс

Loved the ending! Totally didn't expect that! 


This game is pretty cool I enjoyed it very much took me a couple tries but I eventually got it


Super cool! Glad I found you Zed. This game was quite the wild ride.


Another great addition to my horror channel thanks to your game. Great atmospheric horror environment with some comedy. Great game! 

ohh man i can't download these there some eror or smthing like that

no worrys it worked

i shot the monster like 3 times in 20 seconds he just kept coming back lol

I whet to pae

"You can't relate to the monster in the story!" I would do the same HAHAHAHAH

alien isolation is no longer horror game for me.
You made my adrenalin go UPupup

the bit more ass hole zero hahahaha



Aqui hice un pequeño gameplay en español, si por alguna razon el creado del juego lo lee quiero decirle que si ha pensado en ponerlos tambien en español ya que hay bastante publico en ese idioma

this game made me shit my pants 10/10 and my timbers are shivered


Hey there, I've been playing all your games out of "order" but each one has been a blast and this one literally is lol. Keeping the gameplay different from your other titles this one was pretty creepy but had some pretty funny moments. Good game, thanks for letting us play all your games! Here's my playthrough - 



"Vroom vroom."  WAT XD


This game was pretty interesting and I loved the ending. Though the game play of waiting in the woods was a little slow and the audio was stuck repeating itself. I feel like the game would be more interesting if there was more creatures in the woods here and there. Anyway the game was very fun. 

I don't know why but mad Telltale vibes! Keen for more! 

Thanks for playing!

I remember there being a one (and/or not) two of the game.


Yes, there were!
The Bit More Know 1 & 2 were taken down because they didn't meet my current minimum quality standards.

1 will be completely remade in the distant future.
2 may return (soon?) after some adjustments and fixes.

Glad I found this comment, I was curious about the same thing.  I thought this game was very tense and well executed and I'd like to see it continued!  I've been enjoying all your games for that matter, keep up the great work!

me fascino el juego, de los pocos juegos ambientados en un automovil, te deja todo tenso y en suspenso hasta que sabes contra que te enfrentas... por lo consecuente te da mas miedo aun jajaj, 100% recomendado

aquí mi reacción de esta magnifico juego mis amigos, si les gusta como llevo el gameplay los invito que se suscriban al canal, para traer mas juegos como este, y apoyar también a sus desarrolladores a difundirlos ♥


¡Gracias por jugar!

Este fue uno de mis primeros proyectos, pero me alegro de que lo hayas jugado de todos modos.

gracias a ti, me gusto bastante, fue muy entretenido, posteriormente voy a probar el resto de tus juegos, noto que tienen un estilo muy peculiar el diseño de los personajes  ♥


love these games keep it up


Thank you very much!

This was fantastic! Somehow blends fast-paced gameplay with a relaxed, slow-paced feel. Fantastic monster design, and engaging gameplay elements! I really enjoyed my time with this! Great work!


Glad you liked it despite all the issues.


I work in a translation team (Portuguese translations), and we would like to contact you if you would like to partner and have a translation.
Thank you if you are read this.

The Aozora team.


great to go back and play your first project. My expectations were definitely exceeded. I loved how the deer messed with you and the ending was perfect. Look forward to your next game!

Thank you so much!  :)

You working on a new project? Also do you have a patreon? I would definitely support

Apologies for such a late response.

Yes, my plan is to complete my current project by the end of this month.  :)
Also, no. I don't have a Patreon.

The Bit More Know Zero Full Game | 1080p / 60fps | Gameplay Walkthrough No Commentary

whats the font 


All of your games takes place in the same universe right? Then you could add references to characters and events from the other games.

Great minds think alike.  ;)


This game was surprisngly chilling. I was so scared when that shit came to the window😨

Thanks for playing!  :)

np, you make very good and scary games. I played the Man in the Window too. I love how you mix horror with comedy. I hope you make more, I will definetly play and make videos out of it

This was pretty fun! I like that all of your games are different with similar concept and they work great!


Glad you liked it.  :)

As always, thank you for playing!

Really cool game 

Thank you very much.  :)

My pleasure

Good gameplay.


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Hi, ive played your games for a while now and love them! 

But more recently i opened up the bit more know zero and the window was very small, so i went to settings and clicked on fullscreen mode but then the whole thing was kinda very blury and stuff so it was hard to read the text.

 i hope you understand its kinda like when you scale a small to picture become big.

And yes i tried to adjust the graphics quality.

Do you know how to fix this?

Im sorry for bothering you.

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My apologies for the delayed response.
You've no doubt moved on to something else by now, but I should still answer your question!

This project was created before I found out about the screen resolution issue you experienced.
If the game is exited while Fullscreen Mode is active, the window will shrink when you launch the game again.
(This issue was fixed in subsequent projects.)

If the Fullscreen Mode option is still visible, turn it off then exit the game. This should reset the game back to it's original size upon relauch.

I apologize that you had to deal with such an issue.

Ok , Thank you.

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