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Can you, Zed Technician, tell me the whole entire guide to complete the game?

I always seen your games in videos (Maxi Joshua,Cade ect), and i never found where download them but i found them :D!! the best games ever!!!

-A follower from Latam :)

That was a tongue twister saying name of game. But fun game. 

Definity need to play again on a quicker, no bs, to see what happens..

só eu que achei o Joseph muito bonito??? 



Very creepy and fun game. Keep it up! 

Thank you!  :)

im a good maid

Thank you very much for playing.  :)


Here it is. TBMK 1. God I wasn't expecting there was actually NG+ but oh well. Same game, different dialogues unfortunately.

how do you download

you click download and click no just take me to the downloads


I loved the ending

Another amazing game by the one and only Zed_Technician keep them coming!

Thanks for playing this one as well!
I appreciate it.  :)

No problem!

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Dude, you should charge for these, they're just too good. Absolutely amazing every single time, and they're getting BIGGER!?! You truly are a champion Zed, keep crushing it.

Thanks for playing this one as well!
I'll make sure to do my best over here.



everything was so perfect AA 

(istg i have crush on Naomi


Thank you, you're too kind.  :)
Glad to hear you liked it!

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I have 32 bit, me download?

i played your game and i must say this is well done. keep it up

Thank you very much for playing, I appreciate it!  :)

I was drinking water and the ending made me start choking-

dayumm this game is fire keep going man ! ! ! 
(istg i have crush on joseph)


Is it just me or was that appointment for 2 am at the beginning of the game sound like they were going to clean maude's diner and maude found out which made sam cancel the appointment which lead to this game happening


i loved this one!! keep making awesome games <3


Thanks!  :)
I'll do my best!


This game was so much fun!!! You found a lot of ways to build tension while still giving plenty of room to beat the game without needing a do-over, and I honestly love where the story went, everything after the very first dialogue box felt like it kept taking me by surprise in a great way lol.

Also the character design is really great! Seriously love both the main characters and most of the other designs, they're rlly well made!

You're very kind, thank you!
It's great to hear you liked this one.
Thank you so very much.

Hi this game is cool and i love it your games

Thank you so much.  :)

I really love your script histories!!!

Keep it up, Please<3


Thank you!

I actually had a few questions about 3D modeling my own characters like you have. 

1) What program do you use? 

2) What size of canvas do you use? 

3) Do you also accept modeling commissions?

I may have already asked these on Twitter but wasn't sure if you were more active here. 

As for this game, I love the lore here! And Agatha can genuinely be spooky. 

Apologies for the late response.
I tend to go radio-silent when I'm close to finishing a game in order to better focus on it. Afterwards, I also tend to take a short break before returning to answer questions!
So again, apologies.

Regarding your questions:
1) Blender is my 3D modeling software of choice
2) Blender doesn't have a "canvas," but I may be misunderstanding your question!
The textures, however, are all size multiples of 4. Either 512x512, 1024x1024, or 2048x2048 depending on what I'm trying to accomplish.
3) No, I don't. Sorry.

Let me know if there's anything else I can answer, and thank you.

This helps! Thank you! 


the worldbuilding is super awesome, in paralell to a lot of horror games recently this one just has so much character and plot. great job! i found it truly immersive! <3

Thank you very much!  :)

yeah of course!!


I went back in and I beat it this time!! still a 10/10

Thanks once more for playing!


Hey its me again the emperimenting guy. I make this one long since i only have one question 

When is the next game coming out if you dont mind me asking

Apologies for not responding.
I tend to go radio-silent the closer I get to finishing a game.


What happened to the bit more know 1 and 2?

Both TBMK 1 & 2 were taken down for failing to meet my current quality standards.

Eventually 1 will be remade, and eventually 2 will be overhauled, hopefully.
However I cannot promise when.

I love all your games, zed!

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You're too kind!
Thanks for playing.  :)

the game appeared to be surprisingly tense and sweet, loved it!

Thank you!  :)


Your games are so simple made but they carry an amazing gift of climate. The characters are very creative and the story itself is very atmospheric! I count on more of your work and i want to thank you for making you evenings pleasant!

Thank you very much!
This is a very kind comment.
Also, I apologize for taking to long to respond.

hi! I love all your games and characters, but I have to ask, what kinda critter is Naomi? obviously shes not fully human


she looks like a harpy

Harpy - Wikipedia


oh, how cool! thanks

I'm going back in for the good ending 10/10 

Thanks for playing!

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I really love your games man they are so cool and fun. Keep up the good work :)

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Thank you!

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Finally took my time to play this one. Shadowcatcher remains as the most difficult one. Does Agatha even have a way to kill you? Or is she just there to blow the lights so you can't be sure when to hide from the dad?

Nevertheless, had some fun with this one. Now I realize why the playable character is a cockroach. You need four arms otherwise gameplay gets a little tedious of running back and forth with the boxes :)

I'll be the first to admit that I was very disappointed with how this one turned out.
Issues arose pretty early on with this one, and everything just lead to an overall underwhelming game. Especially regarding the mechanics.

Thanks for playing, despite the issues.
Hopefully the next one will be better.


Yeah being honestly, it didn't feel as good as the other ones, but don't let that make you feel you're "losing the touch" or whatever. You're just human and not every single thing you release needs to be a masterpiece. It just needs to be consistent with the rest, and this one definitely is.

Deleted 247 days ago

Thank you for playing!

I must say. THIS WAS THE BEST GAME YET IVE PLAYED. I had a good laugh when Cornelius came up and tapped Sir Vermander on the shoulder. The cool thing is: That this Yoseph from the game is the son of the Vermander Curse man with the demon, I knew something like this would happen. Btw, love your games and keep going with what you are doing.


Glad you enjoyed this one!
That's always nice to hear.
Thank you.

Finalmente finalizamos o jogo. Foi uma experiência muito divertida. 


Muito obrigado!

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hey zed new game soon?


I am working on a new project, but unfortunately it won't be ready soon.
The goal is to have it finished some time this month!

i like this game


You're so creative, you always come up with new concepts and never fail to disappoint 10/10 love to see more from you!!

Thank you, you're far too kind!
I'll do my best.

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