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loved the game but i found a area i don't think we are supposed to be in if you walk left of the ball pit  with the boy look at the red tunnel and walk forward next to the wall you will fall out of the world i did find it in the video i made its at 5:50

it was an awesome game i loved it and can't wait to see what else you come up with 


awesome game! but damn bro ashley with dat ass got me strokin my shi-

Good game!

Sup Zed! Great game once again. Enjoyed this one



Very fun game! They only problems I had is you could see the dead end most of the time. I was tricked only once with a ladder up. Other than that very fun!

Another really fun game! Loved this one, great work! 

I love all your games. Just wish the Endless Mode had a little more to it.


Hey, thanks for playing.  :)

Apologies for how bare-bones Endless is!
Hopefully next time around any extra modes added will turn out better.

I really had a hard time on some occasions because I was almost out of time, but it was a good experience.

I love how you are always able to find a way to innovate in every game you make. Excellent work.

Realmente lo pasé mal en algunas ocasiones por estar a punto de acabárseme el tiempo pero fue una buena experiencia.

Me encanta como siempre eres capaz de encontrar una manera de innovar en cada juego que hacer. Excelente trabajo.

Thank you very much!  :)

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Thank you for playing.  :)

Very Spooky

Thanks!  :)

Great game as always! 

Thank you!  :)


I love this dude's games I am hoping one day I could make some music for his projects some day cuz I like to work with indie devs.


Thanks for playing!  :)

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Another great game, Zed! I loved the gameplay and the characters (I now have a favorite villain from your games) I also loved the Endless Mode! It would be great if you implemented it in future games or in old ones like Beware The ShadowCatcher. But, I have a bug; When I was playing Endless Mode and came out of the tunnel, I was curious to go in and see what happened, but I fell into the void. I hope you fix it and take my idea into account, thank you very much for making wonderful games! And, edit, I don't know if this is a bug, but in Endless Mode the timer does not appear.
(I was playing the demo, Idk if it only happens in the demo.)

Thank you very much for playing!
I appreciate it!  :)

Also, thanks for letting me know about the glitch.
I haven't been able to replicate it myself yet, but I'll fix it as soon as I can.

Interesting game (though I do kinda feel like the ending leaves a bit too little of a conclusion with the captain). The gameplay was fun but some of your previous games had more interesting mechanics and a better storyline imo.

Btw, the "endless" mode glitches out after level 26 when you leave the map (as shown in the video)

Thanks for playing!
Hopefully the next one will turn out better.  :)

Also, apologies for the glitch that you experienced!
I've tried replicating it, but no luck so far.
I'll patch it once I figure out what's going on.
In the meantime, thanks for telling me about it!

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Very good stuff. Cool gameplay, good challange and overal nice area design.

However, the captain was never really that much of a threat (unless you are bad at math) and therefore not as scary. The stress factor from the limited time in the tubes made this whole thing a lot scarier. I wish there was just a bit more done with the environment and the characters.

But overall, very good. Even the addition of an endless mode gives this a replayability factor.

(Video note: I'm german, so excuse the rough speaking lol)

Thank you very much for playing!
I will try to improve things for the next time.  :)


Your games always make me shake with anxiety(in a good way). Love the character designs as always and while the character don't say much, they still feel alive. Thank you for another game Zed, it was well worth the wait

Thanks!  :)


Incredibly fun game all around! Glad to see you back in action Zed! Can't wait to see what you do next!

Thanks for playing!
Glad to hear you enjoyed it.  :)


Very good indeed! (keep em thick zed)

As always, thanks for playing!
Glad to hear you thought this one was good.  :)


Yayyyy NEW game!!!! 

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ZED ZED, I'm glad you're not dead!!!

It's been a few months since the last game and I'm happy to see you've made another good one. I was literally thinking about you randomly yesterday and when I checked my email it notified me that you posted a new game. Coincidence or fate Zed? Regardless, this new game definitely made my heart race once more and I'm happy to share my thoughts and ideas again in a large essay format of Captain Warrington's Play Maze.

So in this story of unfortunate workers trying to get by, we have a mother bat woman, Betty-Anne, and her son Albert. After they finished eating at the Warrington fast food chain (Basically MCDonalds) Betty-Anne leaves to use the restroom as her son Albert is drawn in my a mysterious presence, which asks him to go into the play maze. Obviously it's the pirate statue and like most kids in horror genres, they foolishly get pulled into a strange world of sorts. Our protagonists involve employee Ashley, and her manager Penny. Btw love the designs as usual, but I like Ashley the most. I've GYATT to hand it to you man, you make them so thicc and fine it's giving me brain rot, but the good kind. Ashley is a more tough-minded woman who is like our common day to day fastfood workers, and Penny is a kind hearted manager just like most managers in the real world, because they have to act nicely I guess. Apparently Penny notices the door with the "No Entry" sign is open and they basically go "Ahhh shit, here we go again" and go in to retrieve Albert. 

The gameplay is rather simple. You have "12 minutes", EMPHASIS ON MINUTES" to go through each level of the maze, all while solving simple problems to pass through each obstacle. This goes from placing down a correct shape, answering a math problem, and rearranging numbers in order. Also dead ends are placed which can psyche out the player You get to choose between Ashley or Penny to go into the maze. Ashley moves a lot faster and apparently she doesn't get penalized from getting answers wrong on obstacles. As for Penny, she's the manager, which I found funny, but she also see arrows that lead towards the right way when between 2 paths. In regards to her being the manager, I think the phone you use gives you hints as what to do when faced with an obstacle

- Zed, I tested to see what penalties there were for getting answers wrong as Penny, but I didn't see any. I don't know what I was supposed to see, but I tried like 5 times on multiple obstacles and nothing really happened besides a sound effect which told me I'm wrong. Perhaps I didn't notice it but please tell me.

- Something to also note is that the timer is not 12 minutes, but rather a quarter that time (3 minutes), at least from what I timed it to be. Cause every minute lasts 15 seconds.

The game makes who light on your toes and making sure you don't waste a single moment of your time, especially if you're Penny. I tried both characters, and I definitely think Penny is a harder character to use, mainly for her slow speed. For Ashley, dead ends aren't that bad because they're not long. You can take a few steps into one you'll know immediately it's a dead end. With Ashley I had like 3 or 4 minutes to spare on the room 6, but I had 10-20 seconds for Penny. It's definitely harder than most of your games here for sure

I love the way the game is designed in terms of how it feels like it doesn't cut or load into the next room. It's one big winding pathway and it makes me wonder how you made it. Did you make a random generator that leads towards the exact same location, or did you really make one huge map, because I feel like endless mode would be a nightmare for you if it was like that. 

- Also I forgot to mention there's an endless mode, which I can apparently access before even starting the game. Endless mode is as it states, although I never really went deeper past room 11. I'm not sure if I can lose, but I still appreciate the fact that you even added an endless mode anyways. It's usually a harder difficulty that's added, but yeah, it's something new and I like that you made it anyway.

The fact you never put music into your games, it's what makes your games scary in the first place. Anything with sound effects just has been scared and when there's no other noise than that, it makes for a terrifying experience. I had wondered if something was going to chase me in the maze, but sadly nothing. Although, the idea of it did get to my head. Also with how small your field of view is in the game, anything that's just standing in front of me just got me, especially the Captain. Dumb looking Cpt, Jack Sparrow looking ass, got I hate how just walking within a few feet of him just spooked me. Also thanks a lot for the jumpscare at room 0, I actually screamed a bit from that cause you never really pull those in your games. Overall, the horror factor is good as usual from you.

Now onto lore. So apparently the Warrington Company was going bankrupt, bad sales, unethical, etc like any big company, so they decided to create a mascot to help with that. The pirate mascot was decided and they made statues out of BONE and ASH paint, along with a GRETEL WOOD base, and somehow it gave it the ability to bend space and time, and even mind control people, which lead the Warrington company to flourish. Of course with unethical use of powerful beings, the statues would lure people into going into the maze and doing something to them in a supply closet, which we don't know what, but it's always gonna be bad. A whistle blower helped provide info on the matter to other fast food chains of the place, but now they remain laying low and hope to shed light on the situation to the public someday. Ashley or Penny are able to save Albert and they treat it as if it was another day. Sadly Ashley wonders if they can stop the pirate from taking more people in worries of messing up, but Penny says that it's pretty much their duty. I wish the best for them and everyone in your games too.

I have a few questions regarding the lore of your games.

1. Do all your games take place within the same town/state/area, because they all feel connected with recurring characters?

2. Gretel Wood sounds important somehow. Was there anything like that mentioned in your other games? if not, will it be? I don't know, maybe it's nothing at all. 

3. I know all your games aren't really lore heavy, but do you have any plans to make a more lore oriented game/story? The people of this town suffer from mysterious forces just by living a minimum wage job and corporations that do shady stuff. Will we eventually get a closer look into these corporations at all?

Anyways, you made another banger of a game Zed. Part of me feels silly for making long essay reviews of your game, but I've been doing it with each one so far and it's pretty fun to do. I hope that maybe I can also make long for review videos of other games if I had time, but I'm glad I'm doing something for your games a least. Hope you're doing well Zed, I'll see you in the next game


That one guy who makes long essays for your games lmao

Yes, I am still here!

It's great to hear to you enjoyed this one.
Thanks for playing.  :)
And if leaving a mini essay on the game makes you happy, then more power to you!

As for your questions:

1) Yes! So far, each game has taken place within the same town.
2) Gretel Wood is a new thing mentioned in this game. Just a little worldbuilding detail.  :)
3) I won't rule anything out for right now. 

Thank you kind sir

I should be thanking you for playing this one!
Very much appreciated.  :)


True chads pay above minimum price for Zed Tech.


Thanks for playing!


The game looks a bit tougher than the ones before, and the challenge is definitely there. I like the idea of a character select being the difficulty select, as it makes the game more accessible and replayable. Zed's been getting some flack for making their recent games payed, but it's a shallow price for the game and it's worth the time put into making the game, as well as the significant boost in quality thoughout their career. However there's one oversight that really knocks the game down a couple pegs, the fact that you can pause within a maze with no penalty to give you time to think about a quick-thinking puzzle. However I think that could be evolved from an oversight to a new character, one that can slow down the clock for a short amount of time per maze.

Overall, the presentation is about on par with the rest of Zed's games, but the challenge of a quick-thinking speed maze is a comfortable step outside the genres that Zed usually uses. I'm feeling a light 7 to a strong 8 on this one. Great work!

Thank you very much.
I appreciate the feedback as always.  :)

You're correct on the fact that the timer could be exploited by pausing the game.
It's something that I'll definitely keep in mind going forwards, thanks!

lets go youre back i thought you stopped making games :) awesome game as usual

Thank you!

Another banger of a game!

Thank you very much for playing.  :)

Phew, was starting to get worried! I love your games, dude


Yes, I'm still here.  :)
Thank you!

so excited to play!
love your games, Zed

Thanks for playing!  :)


Great game, well worth the money i paid for it. 

Also, just a quick question for ol Zed. Are you in need of a 2-D artist for any reason? I would like to offer my services should you ever need one. I wouldn't  mind providing some art to you for free if it helps you to keep pumping out these games. If not, no worries! Just throwing the offer out there! 

Loving your games man, keep it up!

Thank you for the offer!
I'm not looking for any addition help at the moment, but I'll be sure to keep you in mind if I ever do.  :)

No problem and i appreciate the consideration! Another quick question, are you taking suggestions for next game, or games setting?